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"Unlike most work at home programs, 99% of which are scams, delivers what it promises! I have made $500 over the last week and the numbers just keep growing. Better still its just 4 companies that I am working with and there are 10,000 of them! Just want to let you know what a great service you offer. Keep up the good work!"

Peter Alez
Tampa, Fl.

From: Josh Nelson

Dear Friend,

About 4 years ago - being jobless and in desperate need of a career and income - I was looking for decent and simple opportunity that would allow a normal guy like me, with no special skills, to make a decent living online. I came across an advertisement that promised a Data Entry Job. It said:

Data Entry Workers Required

Pay is $25 - $50 an Hour.
Work from Home at PC.
No Experience Req.

Call: 629 271 XXXX


I eagerly clicked on it. The words on the website looked promising and I gladly paid for the training materials in the anticipation of starting immediately. But to my horror, it turned out to be a scam. I tried to contact the company several times only to find that it didn’t even exist! I had lost a precious $97 in the process.

This is not just my story. Hundreds of people suffer the same fate each and every day. The number of such scams has quadrupled over time. Being fed up with all the hype, I made it my life goal to come up with something that could REALLY help anyone make money online, so that more people didn’t end up suffering like I did. I devoted thousands of dollars draining all my savings and over two years and only then did
I learn the biggest truth about making money on the Internet.

I finally learned that the most successful online businesses uncomplicated. They don’t use any tricks or gimmicks to make money. In fact they use a time-tested, proven formula like the one I used to make $50,111.28 in just four weeks...

I'm not telling you this to brag, I'm telling you this so that you know that you've got a worthy coach who can really show you the ropes! Here's a screenshot to prove it!

Here’s the first specific thing you need to know about this program …

This is not a get rich quick program, but an actual home business that you set up following my detailed instructions. Even if you've tried all the other online business opportunities out there, and think that every such website is just trying to scam you out of your money, I'd like the privilege to PROVE to you that what I'm about to share with you is completely different because IT WORKS!

I’ll show you the exact steps and specific directions to copy exactly what I am doing to make a decent living entering simple data online—and you don’t need any experience – you just need to follow some simple instructions…

You NEVER have to create your own products or services.
You NEVER have to make any complex websites.
You NEVER have to stock any inventory.
You NEVER have to sell anything.
You NEVER have to collect and follow any leads.
You NEVER have to deal with the customers.
You NEVER have to stick to any set working hours.
You NEVER have to send spam to anyone!
If you have a stable internet connection (which I believe you do since you’re reading this page online), possess some basic computer and typing skills, and have between two to three hours per day initially, then I can show you how you can make a substantial amount of income typing data for established Internet companies. You can earn a steady cash flow and will get paid twice every month, directly to your bank, working from the comfort of your home. All you have to do is fill out online forms on behalf of these companies and submit them on a daily basis. You will have access to your own online account and can see the earnings you have made from these companies at any given time.

There are no special skills or experience required to do this business. As long as you have access to the Internet and have basic typing skills, you could do this work! You won't need to be an online expert and you won't need lots of money to start. I began with $10 and 2 hours/week of work. You can start making money by today! Yes, at the very end of this day, you might already start to see money.
Limited Positions Available

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"Unlike other programs out there, I stand behind my product and promise to provide personal, one-on-one support to my members. As such, I am only able to take a limited number of members in a month. So book your position immediately!"
"Comments from Our Happy Members.."
"A Real Gem...."

"This site is laid out extremely well and the Intro section in the members' area is the best I've seen ... is a real gem - a safe harbor in a sea of Money for Typing hype and confusion ...
This state-of-the-art site is updated VERY often ... Incredible member support and useful tools ... They are #1 - Top of the list!"

Tomas Hopkins
Portland, OR

"What Precisely Will You Have To Do?"

I want to be very clear that this is not an employment offer or a traditional typing job. Once you become a member I will show you in the Member's Area which of the 10,000 companies to join and you can start typing ads for them on your online forms instantly. You will never have to pay anything to join these companies. Signing up with each of them takes less than a minute and you can start making money the same day!

Choose which companies to work with (There are thousands of them - Join free – Never be rejected.)
Login to your account and access the forms to fill out.
Enter the simple data as we show you in the Member's Area.
Click the Submit Button to submit your forms.

"How Do The Forms Look Like?"
Below is an example of what the forms that you will use look like:

Each of the forms takes just ten minutes to fill out. Imagine how many forms can you complete per day and how much money you can make.

THAT'S IT! No Catch. No Gimmick.

Please rest assured that you will not have to type data that is inappropriate or objectionable in any way. All of these 10,000+ companies belong to various categories such as:

Business To Business Computing & Internet Fun & Entertainment
Health & Fitness Money & Employment Sports & Recreation
Home & Family Marketing & Ads Society & Culture
"Comments from Our Happy Members.."
" Easy Income..."

"To be honest I was a little skeptical at first when I read your web site at But, I figured I would try out the program and boy am I glad I did. I earned $115.63 my first day online! I have earned so much more since then. I would advise anyone who is in doubt to "go for it"! This is a great paying job".

Kevin C.
Union, TX

Does this seem difficult to you? All you are doing is partnering with a company, writing five lines of data and submitting it. That's it; and you make over USD $200-$1000 every week and that is if you are not lazy. That too only for working only 30 minutes a day.

Below is an income calculator that I designed for my program. Just enter how many ads you think you can write per day and it will show you what you can expect to earn from my program!

How many ads you can write each day:
(Note: Each ad takes roughly 10 mins)

How much you can potentially earn per week with


Remember, there are over 10,000 companies to partner with, and each ad takes just ten minutes to write.
The possibilities are just limitless.

In the Member's Area I will show you step-by-step how you can easily duplicate my success and quit your day job permanently within 60 days.

In case you are skeptical, and I respect that, Click Here To View A Snapshot of The Member's Area. Can any other program be more transparent?

Limited Positions Available

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"Unlike other programs out there, I stand behind my product and promise to provide personal, one-on-one support to my members. As such, I am only able to take a limited number of members in a month. So book your position immediately!"

"More Comments from Our Happy Members.."
" Endless Flow of Money..."

"I can't tell you how happy I am to finally have a work I can do at home. Thanks to for giving me this opportunity. Just wanted to say thanks and keep the money coming.."

Pam Weiss
San Francisco, CA

" It's Fun..."

"My husband said I would never make any money doing data entry. He said it sounded too good to be true. Boy was he wrong! I have been doing so well now he wants access to the member's area so he can sign up ;-)

Thanks for making a believer out of me .. and proving my husband wrong!"

Cindy Grant
Great Plains, NJ

" I am glad I joined..."

"This is great program; I am Six months Pregnant and was looking for something that I could make me money from home. I am so happy that I found your Data Entry Cash Program Josh Nelson... I am glad that I can give my baby more attention and care with the income from this program.."

Paulie Stephenson
Elk Grove, CA

" $2,300 in past 20 days..."

What a great site and member's area! Everything is so well organized and you get so much information. The companies pay a lot better than I originally thought! I have made $2,300 in the past 20 days and I work only 1 hour a day! I love the free bonuses.. the one on one support is really great. Thanks a ton Josh Nelson!"

Patricia Marris

" Thanks a lot Josh Nelson..."

"I am very excited about the prospects ahead of me. I feel that with the proper plan in place I can make a lot of money. You seem to provide the only simplified plan I have ever seen..

..I feel bad for all of the millions of people wasting their time like I used to - chasing a failing dream because of all of the scams out there."

Arthur Rich
Bethpage, NY

"Earn a Full Time Income Working Part Time From Any Exotic Vacation
You and Your Family Find Yourselves In!.."

Spend as much time as you want with your family. Go on vacation whenever you choose. You can even make money while you're tanning on the beach. You have NO bosses to answer to, NO long commutes in the morning, and you decide when it's time to wake up! The Internet makes this possible for anyone, and you can make money 24 hours a day, seven days a week... even while you are sleeping! I do this every day along with thousands of others who were wise enough to decide to join us.

In the next 15 minutes you can have your very own business which will virtually run itself. Just wait for the checks to come in and cash them!

We are seeking serious, energetic and resourceful people only, who want to make money doing simple typing from their home. We will discontinue the program as soon as we acquire enough candidates.


OK Josh! So, What Is All Of This Gonna Cost Me?..

Too little, when you compare it to what you’ll receive!

We recently conducted a survey asking people to tell us what they think our program is worth.
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When you join you get:

Instant Access to an easy-to-follow Members’ Area.
Satisfaction of support from friendly personnel EVERY TIME!
Security of lifelong financial freedom!
Opportunity to Work One-on-One With Me (Limited to The Next TEN Members Only).


Time Sensitive Offer!

Special Limited-Time No-Nonsense Bonus

Only the next 16 12 >10 members will be eligible for a Free
One-on-One Consultation With Me for the next one month so that I can PERSONALLY ASSIST them in making more money than they’ve ever dreamed!

Ordering Info

Access To The Program Normally Costs $97
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You can get Membership for $97 FREE!!!

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As soon as you register you’ll be given instant access to our Members’ Area where you’ll be able to start immediately!

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Please be aware that there are many fraudulent companies out there trying to sell you imitations of our program. It's in your best interest that you do not fall for them!
Trust Only The Original - - We are matchless!

On this page I have shown you the exact foolproof process that you can use to make up to $50k per month and I have discussed it very transparently“No cloaked Scam”. Now I leave it up to you to trust me and spend a comfortable life forever working just a few hours a day OR not to trust me and fall into a trickster's hand claiming to make you rich overnight!

Make the SMART move, its time that you register now and change your life forever!

To Your Success!


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